Applied creativity

when data, tech and ideas collide

 "I think that technology is always a means to an end. Never an end in itself. Sometimes our campaigns are tech-enabled. Tech-enabled creativity is where we often work best as a brand though. Our best campaigns fuse the big idea and the best tech solution"

Fernando Machado, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Burger King

This theme will invite...

….experts to share examples of how to apply data and technology tactfully to develop creativity that enthrals audiences. Plus, brands will demonstrate how they harness AI and machine learning to underpin creative work that drives lasting emotional connections with consumers.

There was once a time when tech and data both terrified and enchanted us. But whilst some were still obsessing about “humans v machines”, future-thinking brands were creating virtual assistants, personalising 1-2-1 ads at scale and enabling customers to try on make up at home via an app. What was once deemed “innovation” is now a hygiene factor.

As creative technology becomes invisible, the creative possibilities are almost infinite. Data is also seductive and yet it can be profoundly limiting (particularly when we’re all working with the same information!).

Here at Cannes Lions we will always believe first and foremost in human curiosity and imagination. But we celebrate and interrogate the application of creativity, which is almost always informed and amplified by machines.

We will feature

  • Creative technologists, storytellers, scientists and innovators who have real-life examples of how to practically apply data and tech in a way that delights and enthralls.
  • Brands that demonstrate HOW they have harnessed technology and data to create better emotional moments with consumers.
  • The very best, global examples of tech and data-fuelled creativity.

It will blow your mind.

Some of the big questions are:

  • Practical applications: how can we supercharge our creativity with technology, use data and machine learning as the guardrails for good ideas and deploy AR to create mind-blowingly immersive experiences?
  • Can we always rely on data/AI and what pitfalls must we avoid: both strategically and ethically?
  • How are well-loved brands and businesses using technology, data and new tools to transform the way we interact?
  • Does digital live up to its promise? It might be great at efficiency and optimisation but what about effectiveness?