Creative disruption in commerce

"We're seeing the atomization of retail…People can buy from anywhere. From live TV, from graffiti on walls, from posters, from their friends. You can almost buy anything and it doesn't have to be in a store or on a shelf."

Daniel Bonner, Chief Creative Officer, Wunderman Thompson

This theme will feature...

...trailblazers from brands and retailers, who will introduce pioneering forms of commerce (cashless, omni-channel, immersive) to promote better buying experiences.

Commerce is often seen just as a transaction - where the focus is friction reduction, but it presents so much more potential and opportunities for brands. It's a game-changer. Judging by the outstanding award-winning work on show at the 2019 Festival, we will see a lot more experimentation and sophistication in this fiercely disruptive and exciting space.

We will select and invite trailblazers from brands and retailers who are pioneering “new” forms of commerce (cashless, omni-channel, immersive, experience) to promote better buying experiences.

People don’t want to be bombarded with annoying “buy it now” sales messages: they expect personalised shopping experiences to be seamlessly integrated into their everyday lives. They want the brands they like to add value. To make their lives better. To delight, even.

For example:

  • A personal greeting by a digital totem in a physical store? Of course.
  • Cashless vending machines with transactions based on facial recognition? Yes…
  • Mobile-centric, participatory real-time shopping experiences which turn the consumer into the retailer? Why not…?

We will explore

  • How marketers can create a true point of difference in saturated sectors and on the "go-to" sites like Amazon and
  • The important and vital role that creativity plays in differentiating your commerce experience amongst a throng of competitors.
  • The (ever-changing) physical environment and its true value and role as we ramp up on in-device purchases.
  • The most exciting work which is happening in stores (and elsewhere).

Some of the big questions are:

  • As distribution models are disrupted by the massive eCommerce platforms of this world, what consumer experience do you have and what part of it do you own? But, most importantly – WHERE can you reach consumers and own it?
  • What part can physical retail still play in a digital and convenience led commerce market?
  • How can we make the buying process seamless and integrate into consumers’ lives in a relevant way?
  • What can we learn from China: the ultimate experiential retail playground?