Storytelling at scale

"We all know that people actively avoid advertising. Our role as brands is to solve problems and deliver experiences in ways that are relevant to how people live their everyday lives, that they care about and that make a positive contribution to culture. This requires a phenomenal shift in the way that we work and think. It's a massive challenge, but one that we relish."

Brad Hiranga, Chief Brand Officer, General Mills

This theme will feature...

...speakers that explore new creative dimensions in storytelling across a range of platforms and formats, at pace and at scale. It'll consider how brands can tell stories that gain attention and engage in the issues that matter, putting cultural relevancy at the forefront.

This theme is as much about the context (and pace, volume) as the content. Storytelling, the bedrock of our industry – used to be much simpler: develop one key message, focus on a few formats and execute with artistry. But, the job today is way more complicated. Platforms have multiplied and we’re all spoilt for choice. We crave and expect constant entertainment. We’re greedy for more (and better) content. We will not accept mediocrity. This is as exciting as it is unnerving and we need to embrace the challenge!

We must adapt formats, at pace and at scale. Today, brands that need to gain attention must focus on content that entertains and engages people on the issues and stories that matter, right here, right now. Cultural relevance is critical.

We will explore

  • New creative dimensions in storytelling across modern platforms and formats.
  • The bold endeavours being made by brands to shape their stories into entertaining, culturally relevant content.
  • The partners and creative talent required to bring great storytelling to life.

Some of the big questions are:

  • How are the most-loved brands transforming from advertisers to entertainers?
  • What can creatives, brands and media do to work in a more joined-up way to make messages that resonate in the right media?
  • How are brands structuring their work with internal teams and partners to bring these stories to life across the magnitude of media available?
  • Who are the most exciting new-generation storytellers? What do they care about and why? Why are they resonating with younger generations?