Your brand

is my experience

"These days fixing a failure rate-point on a customer journey is worth far more to a business than producing a 30-second advertising slot."

Justin Billingsley, CEO, Publicis Emil

This theme will investigate...

...the intrinsic relationship between brand and experience. Brands will discuss how they experiment with customer experience and improve the entire customer journey through seamless interactions.

What is Experience? Experience/CX/UX is all-encompassing. There’s really no point having great advertising if it points you to a rubbish experience. But, how do we define experience? Well, we asked you. And you said: everything. From physical to digital and all those critical moments of truth in between. Done badly, this can decimate your brand and reputation. But done well, it can have a massive impact on your customer loyalty and bottom line.

Today, the brand and experience are one and the same. You must create touchpoints which provide rich, seamless interactions that exude brand character at every stage along the path to purchase.

But to create transformative customer experiences, brands first need to transform their own enterprise experience, which means developing customer centricity programmes, internal cultural transformation and modern ways of working. Sounds hard? It is.

We will explore

  • The brands who have struggled and experimented with customer experience: those who have made mistakes, gathered feedback and improved the customer journey along the way.
  • How to prioritise customer satisfaction, synchronise brand messaging with a streamlined journey and join organisational dots across a business.
  • The next realm of experience: set to be completely multi-sensory and engineered with empathy.

At Cannes Lions we will explore all these possibilities in inspirational and expansive talks which explore human psychology, experience design, emotions and behaviour.

Some of the big questions are:

  • How can we fix broken experiences? What does it take and who do we need to get in the room?
  • Have we reached “peak experience”? In what is now a sea of sameness (just look at the fast food apps), how can we truly differentiate with brand personality along the customer journey?
  • What can we learn from the new economy, D2C brands who are unrestricted by legacy operating models and processes?
  • How can we make experiences more human, more emotional, more engaging? What creates the difference between brand satisfaction and brand love?