AI in Practice with Jocelyn Lee and John Elder

Ahead of their talk 'The Future of AI in Advertising' at Cannes Lions, Jocelyn Lee and John Elder of Deloitte Digital's Heat share their insights on how AI is transforming advertising and marketing. 

Jocelyn Lee, Head of AI Advertising Practice, and John Elder, CEO at Heat, are getting ready for their highly anticipated talk at Cannes Lions 2019, 'The Future of AI in Advertising'.

In this new video, Jocelyn and John comment on the benefits of using AI, and share three key ways AI is transforming the marketing and advertising industries from the inside out. They look at how AI can help build smarter campaigns from leveraging real-time insights and data, and how it encourages businesses to adopt fast-paced, agile working systems.

And of course, they look to the future. "I think we've barely scratched the surface," says John.

How is AI transforming businesses?
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Jocelyn Lee and John Elders join over 300 industry leaders speaking at Cannes Lions 2019. See the full list of speakers here.