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In the 11th episode of Asking Out Loud with the New School, David Shing, Verizon Media’s digital prophet, talks about how the social media and digital landscape is undergoing a fundamental shift.
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David Shing is Verizon Media’s digital prophet, working across the globe to identify new opportunities for the business. He regularly speak at conferences worldwide, discussing the latest trends and the future of the web to provide insight on the evolving digital landscape.

Previously he served as AOL’s European Head of Media and Marketing, before taking on his current mantle in NYC. In short he's spent most of his adult life in the digital world.

In the latest episode of our series, Shingy sat with The New School’s Melissa Rancourt to explore all things digital, D2C, innovation and where the world is heading right now.

In this episode, Shingy covers everything from D2C innovation to why the next generation view social media in a totally new way.