Shape the conversation at Cannes Lions with #BetterQuestions by EY

Will your question be the one to shape a new idea? For the third year running, EY will return to Cannes Lions to enable you to ask questions directly to the world’s most influential change agents, live on six stages. 
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At last year's Festival, the audience asked questions that sparked debate around a diverse range of topics – from shifting customer demographics to harnessing digital innovation. One key theme that emerged was around how brands can use technology to unlock human potential.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the most thought provoking questions we saw in 2018:

  • "When technology understands emotions, can it also influence them?"
  • "What is more important: data or creativity?"
  • "How can automation make us more human?"
  • "Can customers push brands to change how business is done?"
  • "Is the future of creativity in the algorithm or people?"

Asking questions can inspire creative ideas that can change the world. Will your question be the one to drive the debate in 2019? Join the conversation inside and outside of the Festival by following #BetterQuestions.

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