Browse Insightful Ideas from Cannes Lions 2019 with IBM iX

Find specific coverage from Cannes Lions using AI technology, built by IBM iX using IBM Watson Media.

Enhancing the Cannes Lions digital experience this year is a new initiative with IBM iX, enabling delegates to search videos of the talks using IBM Watson Media.

This AI technology scans the recorded sessions to return specific clips of the talks within the longer video that match the search term or question, delivering immediate, relevant insight.

Unlike traditional search, Watson curates a playlist of video clips that contains the answer to your question or topic of interest instead of surfacing an entire video.

Hosted on The Work, IBM iX x The Talks adapts hours of content into bite-sized insightful videos, instantly searchable and accessible to busy marketers with little time.

The Cannes Lions 2019 talks are available to browse using IBM iX - check them out here.