25 years of Lion-winners from Goodby Silverstein & Partners  

To mark Jeff Goodby and Rich Silverstein, founders of Goodby Silverstein & Partners, being named the 2019 Lion of St. Mark award winners, the pair have picked out some of their favourite campaigns that have won big at the International Festival of Creativity.
Jeff and Rich on stage at Cannes Lions in 2015
"Jeff and Rich have had such a profound influence, not only through their much celebrated and creatively ground-breaking work but also by inspiring others to create great work too. Their legacy is truly remarkable."
Philip Thomas, Chairman, Cannes Lions

After meeting at Ogilvy & Mather under Hal Riney, Jeff Goodby and Rich Silverstein started GS&P with Andy Berlin in 1983 and won their first Cannes Lion for the Mill Valley Film Festival. They went on to win numerous Lions across all metals and brand categories, encompassing an unprecedented variety of styles.

Named Adweek’s Executives of the Decade, Jeff and Rich have had an effect on advertising that can be seen particularly in the leaders they have created and mentored, many of whom have successfully started their own agencies. GS&P’s creative alumni include Gerry Graf (founder of Barton F. Graf), Fred Raillard and Farid Mokart (of Fred & Farid), Paul Venables (founder of Venables Bell & Partners), Jamie Barrett (founder of barrettSF) and leaders like Chris Beresford-Hill (CCO of TBWAChiatDay New York), Steve Simpson (CCO of Ogilvy & Mather North America), and Karin Onsager-Birch (CCO of FCB West).

Ahead of their appearance at Cannes Lions 2019, the pair went back through our digital archive of award-winning ideas to pick out a few memorable campaigns from their back catalogue.

2017 - Cheetos Museum for Cheetos

At the start of 2016, Cheetos® was a category leader but faced pressure and needed to find new ways to grow. Goodby Silverstein & Partners' challenge was to unlock an entirely new reason for people to buy the product again. They did so in the most inventive way imaginable.

This campaign won Gold Lions in Cyber, Promo & Activation and PR

2016 - Dreams of Dalí for The Dalí Museum

To increase national awareness of The Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida, Goodby Silverstein & Partners created an interactive experience that took viewers inside the surrealist master’s mind. The five-minute online experience garnered over two million views without any media dollars.

Dreams of Dalí won Gold and Silver Lions in 2016 at the Festival 

2015 - Emily's Oz for Comcast/Xfinity

Goodby Silverstein & Partners wanted to help everyone understand what entertainment is like for a person with disabilities. So they asked Emily, a little girl who is blind, what she sees when she watches her favourite movie, The Wizard of Oz. They then worked with Emily to bring her vision to life and debuted the film at The Oscars.

Emily's Oz picked up a Titanium Lion at the Festival in 2015

2006 - Rabbit for Comcast

This bizarre radio campaign imagined the fastest thing possible to demonstrate just how fast Comcast's internet services are.

2003 – Sheet Metal for Saturn Corp

In this spot, people are shown in car-like situations but without cars - a car pool, a school bus, a traffic jam, a speeding ticket, a right turn on a red. It was designed to showcase how Saturn approached cars by thinking first about the people that may one day drive them.

A Gold Lion winner from 2003.

2000 - Monkey for E*Trade

During Superbowl season, Goodby Silverstein and Partners came up with this highly amusing piece of work. In this 2000 TV spot, a monkey and two old men spend thirty seconds dancing, off-beat, to La Coucaracha. “Well, we just wasted 2 million bucks,” the ad says. “What are you doing with your money?”

IIn 2000, this work won a Gold Lion

1998 - Bad Day to be a Frog for Anheuser Busch

This comes from Bud’s popular, long-term swampland series which started back in 1995 during the SuperBowl. The series ran for many years and ‘Bad Day to be a Frog’ is viewed as one of the most iconic.

Bud won a Silver Lion for this campaign in 1998 

1998 - Nike Skateboarding for Nike

This piece of work explores the stigma attached to the sport of skateboarding. "What if we treated all athletes the way we treated skateboarders?". This infamous spot was designed to capture the heart and minds of a younger generation of consumer and bring new appeal to the brand.

This work for Nike help GSP win the Film Lions Grand Prix in 1998 

1992 - Got Milk? for California Milk Processor Advisory Board

The words “Got Milk?” rippled throughout the world in 1993 when Goodby Silverstein and Partners came out with the iconic Got Milk spot. In this piece of work a hapless historian answers a trivia question worth $10,000 with an unlikely response...

A classic Lion winner from back in 1992

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