Havas Group release The Future of Entertainment Prosumer Report

Created in collaboration with Cannes Lions, the report looks to the future of entertainment and considers how brands can make more meaningful connections with their audiences.
Prosumers and Gen Zs feel pressured to create content, Havas Group's Report finds.

From AI and CGI to smart devices and streaming platforms, the digital era continues to revolutionise our relationship with entertainment. Havas Group's The Future of Entertainment Prosumer Report looks at this evolving relationship, analysing the way people consume and engage with new media and uncovering 10 Key Truths.

Informed by wide-ranging statistics, the Truths reveal that entertainment has become a pop philosophy and that Generation Z is under pressure to create content. The value of entertainment goes beyond instant excitement in its ability to have a long-lasting impact on every one of us – our communities and societies.

Over 17,000 participants aged 13+ across 37 markets took part in the study. Aptly nicknamed 'Prosumers', they're today's leading influencers and have become key to predicting emerging trends in consumer behaviour. What Prosumers are doing today, mainstream consumers will most likely be doing 6-18 months from now.

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