How Creative Design Can Unlock the Power of Modern Data

Ahead of her Cannes Lions session "Floodlight: The Power to Make the Invisible Visible", PITCH's Co-CEO Sara Bamossy dives into the creative mantra that helped guide the development process for the first-of-its-kind program and Roche campaign. Floodlight is a program that uses digital technology to measure and understand subtle changes in disease, starting with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

We are in the midst of a wellness revolution driven by ubiquitous technology and massive amounts of data. From startups to wearables to apps, each day brings a new player offering a peek inside our personal health. The hope is that one day, meaningful analysis of this data could change the course of care.

Innovation in the medical space is equal parts powerful, complex, and overwhelming. Emerging technology and research data have long been a driving force in the medical field, yet one aspect often overlooked is the role of creative design. At the start of this project, our team was aligned on solving for that – discovering the missing link between complex science and simple communication. We were on a mission to connect people and data insights seamlessly, to put the power in the hands of the people. The project needed beautiful design not only to share the vision, but to empower patients, physicians and scientists to help create new discoveries and transform how we communicate with each other about our health. A simple idea, sure, but also a lofty one in the context of the medical industry.

Enter our mantra for creative development – Minimum Viable Creative. Inspired by entrepreneurial thinkers in the product development world and the brilliant minds who developed the science behind Floodlight, we knew we had to relentlessly pursue both clarity and rigor. More than a mantra – this was our unshakeable standard for communication with simplicity that demonstrates nuanced understanding of the details and empathy for all users.

During our Lions Health session, I will unpack this mantra, speak to the inception of the creative idea behind Floodlight and how the communications helped shine a new light of understanding on MS.

See more about the session here.