The big questions from Future Proofing Creativity

Why are we still talking about brand purpose? In the first of the Future Proofing Creativity series, Hesham Tohamy (head of P&G's North America Feminine Care business, and Global Leader for the Always brand) talked about what purpose means to him, and how it is brought to life in the feminine care business.

At Kantar, we know brands with purpose do have a higher brand value – brands with “low purpose” grow at 77%, while brands with “high purpose” have grown at 212% over the last 13 years. But what does purpose mean, and has that meaning changed and evolved in the last few years? Why does a brand need to have a purpose, and how does it manifest in the business? What does this look like for Always?

On Tuesday we asked: What’s more important, credibility or reach? Kantar’s Jane Ostler spoke to influencer and content creator Dominique Davis (@AllThatIsShe) and Neil Waller, co-founder and CEO of Whalar, the influencer marketing platform.

As young people in particular spend more and more time online, and with news that Instagram is the fastest growing brand in the BrandZ Global Top 100, the power of social media as a channel for reaching consumers is undisputed. But is reach more important than credibility? Can you have both? Why (and when) does influencer marketing work, what does success look like, and how is it likely to evolve in the next few years?

On Wednesday, Jane interviewed Sophie Galvani, Global Brand Vice President for Dove Masterbrand, Unilever. She asked: In a tech-centric world, how does Unilever retain its place in the cultural conversation?

BrandZ data shows the biggest brands in the world are now technology brands. Where does that leave brands who make physical products and companies like Unilever? Kantar’s Jane Ostler speaks to Sophie Galvani, Global Brand Vice President for Dove Masterbrand, Unilever, about the way Dove and Unilever connects with consumers, partners with third parties and platforms, uses technology in interesting ways and creates real, innovative brand experiences in retail environments. How do they find a place in a tech-dominated society?

Listen to every conversation to discover the answers to some of these questions.