Introducing the new Creative Strategy Lions with five amazing ideas

The Creative Strategy Lion will celebrate the idea behind the idea, how strategic planning can redefine a brand, reinvent its business, and influence consumers or wider culture. To mark the launch of the Lion, we've picked out five winning ideas from Cannes Lions past that would have done well in the new Awards.

‘Fight for Territory’ by DDB Group New Zealand for Lion

The English and Irish Lions Rugby Tour of New Zealand is a big deal, a huge deal. And they only come every twelve years, so Steinlager, the official sponsor of the All Blacks, wanted to get the most out of the tour and asked DDB Group New Zealand to help fuel the excitement and rivalry that made the competition so great. To show they really understood the customer journey they bought every sign at the airport… and then told their rival, Guinness, the official sponsor of the Lions, that they could have the signs. But they had to fight us for them. DDB Group New Zealand fitted each of the 65 digital screens with a camera and microprocessor and programme them to recognise fans. Fans from either team could then take over the signs and blanket the airport for their team. All they had to do was approach the screen and stand their ground and the screen would change in front of their eyes. Just like a rugby match on the field it was a fight for territory.

This campaign won multiple Silver and Bronze Lions in 2018

‘80 Days Of Argos' by The&Partnership for Argos

Many retailers talk about ‘fast’, but Argos is faster than fast. Order before 6pm and Argos will deliver to you today. Nationwide. Trouble was, no-one believed it. The&Partnership had to show the British public that Argos owned today like never before. So they created ‘80 Days of Argos’; 80 individually crafted ten second films that each ran for just one day. Every ad had the day’s date and a product that you could get that day, all shot in camera. It’s the first campaign to run a date-stamped ad every day. A ground-breaking campaign needed a ground-breaking media strategy. Using the same media budget as previous campaigns, we had to be smart with buying to ensure people saw the spots every day to build the same day delivery story. The strategy ensured that Argos was relevant to each moment of Spring/Summer, proving, in an innovative way, that Argos enables consumers to ‘own today’.

A Silver and Gold Lion winner from 2018

‘Los Santos Pride’ by Garbergs for Stockholm Pride

To follow Stockholm Pride’s mission to spread love and equality, Garbergs created a digital pride parade inside one of the most violent games in the world – Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5). The Los Santos Pride parade – named after the fictional city within the game – was free to download, so every player could have their own digital pride parade inside the game. The strategy was to create the mod together with the fan community. This would not only ensure a bigger reach, but also credibility and quality. We created threads on GTA 5 fan forums asking for help in making a pride parade mod for Stockholm Pride. The parade features a lively crowd of different races and genders celebrating the historic day in the fictional city. This was made deliberately to highlight the lack of diversity in gaming, but also pave way for future modders and game developers to think more inclusive.

A Gold Lion winner in 2017

‘Barbie: Evolve The Doll’ By Weber Shandwick for Mattel

Barbie has always been a trailblazer. She’s had 180+ careers, went to the moon before Neil Armstrong and ran for president four times. But, as with any 57 year-old brand, evolution is necessary to stay relevant. But the road to change was laden with challenges. Despite being the first mass-produced doll to break the nurturing/mothering play pattern, Barbie is often viewed as an outdated, unrealistic stereotype. And, as cultural icon, Barbie is constantly under a microscope, controversial.The challenge? To help Barbie navigate a game-changing extension of its Fashionistas line - including new body types, skin tones and hairstyles. Weber Shandwick needed to showcase this move as the latest step in Barbie’s evolution and effort to be more reflective of the world girls see around them.

A campaign from 2016

'The Game before the Game' by R/GA for BEATS by Dre

Every ritual from every player and nation is completely authentic. The team spent months researching the pre-game rituals of each athlete and the country they represent. Working with local production companies in each country, the art direction and casting were specifically chosen to portray an accurate and authentic representation of each ritual.

A Gold Lion winner from 2015

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