Quirky Christmas Campaigns

A celebration of the lesser-known, unusual, unexpected and downright strange ways brands have decided to celebrate the most magical holiday period.
Celebrating Christmas in unusual style

Summer Wonderland by Host Sydney for Air New Zealand

Without the budgets of bigger multinational carriers, Air New Zealand has forged a global reputation by over-indexing on highly creative, shareable work; designed to earn its own media in social channels. It’s an objective with everything from their retail banners to their safety videos. And, over Christmas, the brief was no different. After all, Christmas and travel go hand in hand. Air New Zealand wanted to build brand fame and foster pride among kiwis, both at home and abroad. Problem is, Christmas advertising has become dominated by bigger brands with bigger budgets, all shouting for attention. Air New Zealand needed to cut through the noise with something special.

A Bronze winning campaign from 2017

Gift Face by Adam&EveDDB for Harvery Nichols

We’ve all been there, opening a Christmas gift that is beyond terrible. A gift that isn’t even worthy of gathering dust on your shelf. A gift that makes you question if the giver even knows you at all? A gift that leaves you with no other option...but Gift Face.

A Shortlisted Campaign from 2016

Merry Beeping Christmas by Publicis for Oral B

Christmas is a time of joy. But it’s also a time of minor frustrations. This online film captures these imperfect moments, rather than showing the flawless festive season found in most ads. The beeps that block out swear words uttered by each character play the melody of a Christmas carol.

A Campaign from 2015

Blessed Christmas by Jung von Matt

In December 2007 all clients and employees at Jung von Matt received the world's first blessed e-mail as a Christmas mailing. The response: Over 22,000 views, reporting and commentaries in various weblogs and online media.

A Bronze winning campaign from 2008

Making the List by Proximity Melbourne for LEGO

To make Australian kids’ Christmas list, Proximity Melbourne literally made the other toys they were up against. They identified the most popular toys of the season and created them from the LEGO bricks from our priority sets. Think My Little Pony, iPads, Drones, Games Consoles, Paw Patrol, Hatchimals and many, many more. When parents shopped online for these toys, Proximity Melbourne hacked their search with a LEGO version.

A Silver and Bronze Lion winner from 2018

Home for Christmas by Jung von Matt for Edeka

Christmas is the most important family celebration in Germany. It’s a time to enjoy food, to drink and to especially cherish each other’s company. This makes it a very important season for EDEKA, Germanys biggest supermarket chain, as well. Yet, many people in Germany have forgotten what Christmas is really about. They just don’t find the time anymore to go home to celebrate with all of their family members. EDEKA wanted to remind them of what really matters on Christmas: family.

A Grand Prix winner from 2016

Longer Merry Christmas by J. Walter Thompson San Juan for Heineken

Christmas is Puerto Rico's favorite season. It's actually the longest in the world. It's a total of 59 days. Naturally, Christmas is a very competitive season for beer brands. Sales reach their highest peaks during November, December, and January. Heineken had to find a way to create a campaign to stand out and truly connect with Puerto Ricans during Christmas. And what better way to do it than through music? Puerto Rico's most famous Christmas song is "Feliz Navidad" by José Feliciano. But, curiously, the song only has one verse, that's it.

A Silver and Bronze winner from 2013

Win Christmas by Adam&EveDDB for Mulberry

A roaring fire. A puppy. A tipsy grandma and a unicorn in the back garden. Mulberry brings to life an average British Christmas. There is an unspoken sense of one-upmanship in the family as everyone wants to give the best gift. #WinChristmas is Mulberry’s first piece of conceptual advertising.

A Shortlisted campaign from 2015

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