Thanksgiving condensed

From turkey, Black Friday, Macy's Parade and charity to football, family, feasting and the Pilgrim Fathers, we've combined everything that makes Thanksgiving special into one collection.
Thanksgiving takes place in 2018 on 22 November

Saints and Strangers "Prayers" by Variable New York for National Geographic

The Pilgrims landed at New Plymouth in 1620, but that was really only the beginning of the story. This promo for the scripted film "Saints and Strangers" tells that whole story. Centred around the idea of prayers from both Pilgrims and indigenous peoples (the chant was written and performed by Native American Jesse Bowman Bruchac), the spot echoes the idea that no matter how different they may have been, their fundamental experience was quite similar.

An entry from 2016

Madden NFL 15 by HEAT for EA Games

It’s Madden Season was a music video featuring gamers’ favorite celebrities, athletes and pop culture references. It starred Kevin Hart and Dave Franco engaging in the ultimate Madden rivalry. The two traded trash talk and pranks, before sitting down to play Madden during a party in which Franco’s house burns down. During every NFL game, the Madden GIFERATOR fused live NFL data with Madden 15 game footage to generate a live stream of GIFS that were personalised to fans based on their favorite teams. Fans were also able to create and send their own rivalry-themed GIFs.

A Gold winner in 2015

OptOutside by Venables Bell & Partners for REI

Instead of offering discounts to lure shoppers inside on Black Friday, REI announced that they would be doing something unprecedented: shutting all 143 of their stores, ceasing to process orders on their website and paying 12,000 employees to spend the day outside. Employees, members and the public were encouraged to use this day to reconnect with the outdoors and each other. They created an integrated campaign to invite the public outside with us, building a movement around the hashtag #OptOutside.

A double Grand Prix winner in 2016

Coke Parade by Wieden+Kennedy Portland for Coca-Cola

In this classic campaign, Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons vie for a Coke bottle balloon during an aerial tussle in the skies of NYC.

A Silver Lion winner 

Pumpkin Patch by Deeplocal for Google

The Google Photos Pumpkin Patch sprouted in Times Square on October 29, 2015. It was the perfect place for New Yorkers and visitors to relive their fall memories and create new ones. Along with 8,700 free pumpkins ready to be picked and gorgeous fall foliage, the event featured pumpkin carving robots and artisan carvers primed to carve participants’ photos onto pumpkins. Attendees could get their photo taken at our fall photo booth and see it displayed on a billboard in Times Square. Local Brooklyn bluegrass band, the Defibulators, supplied the soundtrack, while opportunities to find photos fast with Google Photos were integrated throughout the experience

An entry from 2016

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