The power of "ugly" with Tim Leake

Ahead of his talk "Ugly Sells" at Cannes Lions, RPA's Tim Leake shares his insights on a new movement in culture.

Tim Leake is RPA's Chief Marketing & Innovation Officer. He's also a Cannes Lions 2019 speaker who is getting ready to deliver a talk called "Ugly Sells".

In this new video, Tim explores some of the topics his talk will cover, including why we're seeing a strange trend of people actively preferring to engage with "ugly" things. He looks at why people love memes and videos that feel raw, real and under-designed and why this could be a good thing for marketers today.

From Minecraft to memes, people love content that feels raw and under-designed

Tim is one of the 30 speakers already confirmed for Cannes Lions 2019. You can see who else is scheduled to appear on stage here.