The Rise of Hackvertising

Burger King and DAVID the Agency delivered one of the most popular talks of Cannes Lions 2019. Watch them explore what the communications industry can learn from hackers.
Burger King was named Creative Marketer of the Year at Cannes Lions in 2017

When considering the most effective work that made both Burger King and DAVID famous, it’s not difficult to find certain ingredients and patterns that resemble the methods used by hackers. Hackers tend to define their target (a system to hack), study them, find a way to “break-in” and then proceed with the “attack” (stealing info or messing with the whole system).

This session from Cannes Lions 2018 focussed on analysing the “hacker mindset”, with lessons about how to apply it to the world of marketing and communications. It showed how brands can hack into a specific zeitgeist to become a part of pop culture and deliver great results.

Burger King and DAVID The Agency at Cannes Lions 2018