Themes from Lions Health

Lions Health is a two-day forum that focuses on the creation, conception and execution of awe-inspiring life-changing creativity that has a verifiable impact on healthcare outcomes. We've spoken to the entire industry to understand what big issues in the sector should be answered at this year's festival.

1. Using Creativity to Improve Healthcare Outcomes

Creativity has the power to transform complex scientific, statistical and technical information into arresting narratives, content and advice that connects and engages with everyday people. It permits divergent thinking, experimentation, storytelling and empathy. But compared to hard medical facts, it is often deemed intangible and unmeasurable.

Hear from the world’s largest healthcare brand leaders and award-winning creatives on the transformative power of creativity and its capacity to change behaviours, to change dialogue and change attitudes towards healthcare for the better. We’ll go behind the scenes on the most effective work, and prove its power to enhance healthcare outcomes.

Speakers include:

  • Maithreyi Jagannathan, Associate Marketing Director Healthcare, Procter & Gamble
  • Ajay Vikram, Chief Creative Officer, Publicis Singapore

Ajay and Maithreyi go behind the scenes of Vicks’ ground-breaking, award-winning work ‘#TouchOfCare’ which challenged taboos and redefined stereotypes around family and social values. They will discuss what it took for the Vicks brand to push forward provocative work, and the contribution that big brands can make to incite positive change in society.

2. The Future Healthcare Company

With the onward march of technologies including big data, machine learning and predictive analytics and the growth of the B2C model, the healthcare industry is experiencing a large-scale structural evolution. How, where and when we access healthcare is fundamentally changing as new entrants strive to make it more convenient and affordable to serve healthcare needs.

What does this shift mean for Big Pharma and long-standing providers? Will the entrance of consumer tech companies and B2C models help empower patients to focus more on their health? How can creativity support this transformation? Speakers from global pharma entities, and new B2C entrants will explore the creative capabilities shaping the healthcare companies of the future.

Speakers include:

  • Anirudh Koul, Former scientist at Microsoft Research and Founder of Seeing AI, Head of AI & Research, Aira

Anriudh will provide a deep dive into his work at startup Aira – where experiments making use of advances in artificial intelligence, 5G, and wearable computing, married with creativity are opening a myriad of life-changing, " first-time” experiences for the blind community -- from blind marathoners, to blind photographers and even blind drivers.

3. Designing Human-centred Healthcare Experiences

For an industry focused on improving the health of human beings, healthcare businesses and services are notoriously poor at customer experience. As experience design becomes a priority for all consumer facing companies, so too is the healthcare industry following suit. There is new focus on designing exceptional experiences for patients with a focus on empathy, seamlessness and empowerment.

Hear from designers and technologists who will explore the use of design methodologies paired with experiments in voice tech and chatbots to gaming and music to shape better healthcare experiences, improving education, adherence and overall well-being in healthcare.

Speakers include:

  • Andrew Barraclough, Vice-President of Global Design and Innovation, GlaxoSmithKline

GSK’s Vice-President of Global Design and Innovation Andrew Barraclough will follow on from GSK’s talk at last year’s Lions Health exploring its digital transformation to discuss how design is now playing a crucial role in the execution of this transformation. He considers how design enables the creation of distinctive and memorable customer experiences across all touch points in this new digital journey

4. Cut-through Storytelling in Healthcare

Healthcare might well be based on fact and science, but the human experience of it is emotional; feelings of anxiety, hope, relief and fear are all intrinsically linked to situations focused on our health. Good storytelling triggers an emotional response that provokes action and awareness in a far more powerful form than charts and statistics – and is therefore vital.

Leading artists, writers, directors and creatives will share how they shape narratives about healthcare issues that cut through and change behaviour. We discuss how storytelling, supported by good craft can transcend demographics, geographies and language to engender awareness for public health issues, and speak to healthcare professionals as humans.

Speakers under this theme:

  • Atilla Cansun, Chief Marketing Officer P&G Health
  • Atilla Justyna Dettmer, Head of HCP Communication P&G Health

Cansun, CMO of P&G Health, and Justyna Head of HCP Communication for P&G Health will explore how we can improve engagement with healthcare professionals through insight-based emotional campaigns that speak to these people as humans, and help incite more empathy within the doctor-patient relationship.