WARC launches new white paper 'Anatomy of Effectiveness'

A mix of current evidence, case studies and thinking around effective advertising.


'Anatomy of Effectiveness’ is a white paper for brand marketers and advertising agencies alike, highlighting five key priorities for brands seeking greater impact.

These five key priorities are:

  • Invest for growth – are you spending enough on your advertising to drive growth?
  • Balance your spend – how are you splitting your investment between brand-building and performance marketing?
  • Be creative, be emotional, be distinctive – is your creativity set up to drive effectiveness?
  • Plan for reach – is your media budget going to the right places?
  • Plan for recognition – will consumers know whose ads they are seeing or hearing?

The report highlights that every element involves trade-offs and hard decisions on where to invest, and that insights and creative thinking are required to bring it all to life. But, it's here that brands will drive better customer engagement.

The report also looks at what is changing in a fast-moving industry, featuring expert comment from the likes of Les Binet, Peter Field and Jenni Romaniuk of the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute.

Download and read the white paper here.